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Howdy! A bit late to the party, but we finally have a place where we can directly talk to you. We are more interested in building a user-community than building a customer-base. So let’s work together on developing a perfect Productivity and Collaboration Solution.

Are you tired of the recent flood of To-Do List Apps?


So are we. Of late, there have been just way too many To-Do List Apps in the market. We believe there are no other types of software in the market, where you have so many choices. These apps are great for managing personal tasks and grocery lists. But when you are working on something serious, what they lack most is the functionality.


On the other hand, the options available to work on a serious project are very complicated and take a big chuck from your daily schedule. This is the reason many teams use Project Management Software at the initial stage of Project Planning and Designing. After that, it’s The Wild Wild West! Because once you start executing your work items you tend to be more focused on work, and less on the documentation and reporting part. And this is where these complex Apps get in your way.

So we built “Remind Me This” – simple enough for your serious projects, so that it never gets in the way.

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