Talk to us – Let’s build a productivity app that we want.


No more support tickets; no more help-desk; no more levels of hierarchy; no more chains of bureaucracy. You can interact directly with the team behind “Remind Me This”!

We are eager to hear about what you think and feel. So we have made it very easy for you to talk to us. You can use either our Contact Page or the feedback widget located at the bottom of almost every page. (Please see the picture below)


When you should contact us?

  • When you need help, or have a question or query
  • When you have feedback for us: suggestions, comments, remarks…
  • When something needs enhancement
  • When you find a portion that is not working properly
  • When you want to tell us what you like and don’t like, about the application; or
  • When you’d like to just stop by and say “Hi!”
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