Email Reminders & Notifications

Based on a lot of feedback from our users, we are now bringing email reminders and notifications to remind me this.

Why do I need email notifications?

  • Great way to keep your whole team in the loop.
  • Avoid unnecessary communication by automatic notifications.
  • Never forget any work-item while you are away.

What are the different email notifications available?

  1. New Notifications – Upcoming Work Items – Due Work Items
    • You will receive an email reminder every time you have pending notifications, upcoming work items or work items that are due.
    • The service checks for new events every hour, and skips the reminder if there’s nothing to send.
  2. Weekly Digest
    • You will receive a personalized email about your work every Monday, so that you may plan your week accordingly.
    • There’s no skipping. The service will report even when no work items are found, so that you can plan you idle-time.
  3. New Features – News – Announcements
    • You will receive this email, when we have something new to share with you, regarding the service.
    • The sole purpose of this email is to keep you up to date with our product.

How do I enable email notifications?


Please follow these steps:

  1. Login to Log into your Account
  2. Click on ‘Preferences’ (at the top right corner)
  3. Under ‘Email Reminders and Notifications’ section
  4. Indicate how you would like to receive email reminders for various events, by ticking the checkboxes.
  5. Click ‘Save’ to retain the changes.

Note: Even though email notification is a great automated way get notified, you should not rely on email notifications for mission critical work.

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