Help is on the way!

We are currently working on building a comprehensive Help section. We have planned a set of articles, to explain various segments and functionalities of the product.

We will also produce two quick overview videos, to quickly familiarize you with the product.

Later, we plan to start two more sections:

  1. Tips & Tricks
    • Alternate and unique uses of existing functionality, which you might have not explored.
  2. Case Studies
    • This section will explain how you can utilize this product for a particular scenario.
      i.e. if you are a student, if you want to use it as a CRM tool, if you want to use it just for organizing your day, if you are a travel company etc.

But meanwhile if you have any questions, please use the feedback widget located at the bottom of every page. (Please see the picture below)


or use this direct link.

Thank you for being with us.

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