We are a Microsoft BizSpark’s Featured Startup of the Day

We are a proud member of Microsoft’s BizSpark Program. Through this program, Microsoft helps new startups get all the software they need, to design and develop their idea into a product. They also provide heavy discounts on Windows Azure Cloud hosting. Since we are a self-funded startup, it’s been a huge help from Microsoft.


And today, we are very excited to have been selected as a ‘Microsoft BizSpark Featured Startup of the Day’. Where BizSpark team picks a prospective startup, and showcases it amongst 50,000+ startup founders. Who are as crazy as us, to chase their dreams right to the end…

BizSpark Featured Startup on Azure – Centramation Systems Private Limited

If you have a great idea that you are ready to execute with your own funding arrangement, following are some of the benefits of being part of the Microsoft’s BizSpark program:

  • You get almost every Microsoft product at no cost for 3 years, via MSDN Subscription.
  • You get a heavy discount on Windows Azure Cloud services.
  • You get a one-year free Windows Phone and Windows 8 Store Developer License.
  • You get access to a huge community of startup founders.

Click here for more information about Microsoft BizSpark.

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